Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Currently studying my HND at college and hoping to get into university if my graded unit goes according to plan however as well as focusing on studying I believe that getting some work experience is just as important and makes you far more employable when you leave college or university. Obviously London, the fashion capital of the UK has the most amazing opportunities but London is so expensive and many internships are unpaid. Living in a small city shouldn't stop you at all. Over the last two years or so I have experience from working at photoshoots, backstages at fashion shows, modelling agencies and now I am interning at an online company in hope that when I graduate I will have some basic knowledge of the industry as well as a degree. So here is my advice on how to gain some sassy work experience, these are all from my personal experience. 

1. Use social media - I don't want to bore you all about how amazing social media is nowadays and how its so easy to communicate, we know all that. Use your Twitter to network with local creatives or retailers and PR companies. If they mention that they are doing a shoot or a show in the coming weeks then email them asking if you can help, it is likely that it will be unpaid but it is all about networking and gaining contacts. Many companies now post on Instagram that they are looking for interns or students to undertake a work placement.

2. Business Cards - I would recommend you get yourself some business cards, if you are lucky to get yourself back stage at a fashion show or event then chances are you will get chatting to folk. Business cards are such a simple way for the business to remember you and maybe contact you for an event in the future.

3. Do your research - Many placements or internships ask you to send them over your cv and cover letter, this is your chance to sell yourself and let them know you are the best person for the job. Before sending the email make sure you are sending the email to the correct person, there is nothing worse than a company receiving an email addressed to the wrong person. Research the companies campaigns or collections, it shows that you are interested and impressive to the company it is also a good conversation starter incase things get a little awkward during the interview.

4. Enjoy - My final tip would be to enjoy yourself, if you've worked that hard to bag yourself the placement then have fun when you are there and gain all the experience you can. Any relevant experience is great to add to your CV or job application.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015


January is the month for fitness isn't it, it is time to ditch the chocolate and lying around watching Netflix and get active! Sports wear is always a hit or a miss for myself but I can't help but notice so many high street stores are bringing out their own sports range which are a fraction of the price compared to Nike & Adidas. New Look and Missguided are proving to be a hit favourite online and these are my favourite pieces from the collections. I love the colours in both of the collections and think they look really expensive with the patterns they've used.

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Monday, 17 November 2014


So November has been a busy month for myself with loads of college work to complete, ucas application, working, starting an internship and also decorating. So I thought I'd share it all with you lovely lot.

01. College has been non stop the past month or so. With countless presentations, assessments and reports I never thought I'd see the end however everything has been handed in and I can now enjoy a week off before it all starts back again. 

02. UCAS applications have already started again. I have had mixed feelings about university for a while now however I have really enjoyed my course at college so definitely want to apply for uni, would only be studying for another two years so it seems kinda stupid to not apply. I am meant to be working on a personal statement right now but literally have no clue how to start. 

03. As well as college I am still working at New Look. The Christmas shopping has officially started folks although I am getting a lot more hours so I can't really complain. I also started an internship with a beauty/fashion online company based in Glasgow last week called Unineed. The placement is part of my college course and counts for my main grade at the end of the summer. I really would love to work for an online company in years to come so the placement is giving me plenty of experience and get to drink countless cups of tea all day.

04. With all madness going on I even managed to decorate my room (okay, my dad did) but I had to declutter all junk I have collected over the years. I will probably do a little room tour post later on this week and show you. 

What have you been up to this month? Anything interesting?

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