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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Lush are many bloggers and vloggers favourite brand, including myself. I have used Lush for years and love everything about them even down to the service you receive in store. As the colder months are kicking in I thought I would up step up my skin care game.  I first picked up the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion - I love the smell of this product, it contains almonds and orchid which just create a lovely pleasant scent for the morning. I apply this all over my face (avoiding my eyes of course) and just rise off with a warm cloth. I love face mask especially during the winter time as my skin seems to get so dry, probably down to the central heating. I couldn't decide what masks to go for so decided on two Love Lettuce (an exfoliating face mask_ & The Sacred Truth which seem to be keeping my skin in good condition (helps enhance your complexion) 

Do you recommend I try any other skincare from Lush?

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