Thursday, 13 November 2014


For a few years now I have had a great interest in what Glasgow has to offer fashion wise. I personally can't walk down Buchanan Street without loving someones outfit, Glasgow basically have no boundaries when it comes to good auld fashion. I especially love the amount of amazing vintage/independent stores that we have available in the city. As a retail student studying in Glasgow I love seeing independent businesses doing so well in the area.  So I was absolutely delighted when I heard the news that many of them were going to be coming together to create a fashion show at Hillhead Bookclub later in the month. Basically each store has been asked to design a look based on traditional Glaswegian looks, for example Art School Chic, The Ned etc. The show will be including creations from Granny Would be ProudVintage Guru, We Love to Boogie, Minted & City Retro and Glasgow Vintage Co. 

If you are a lover of vintage fashion then I definitely think you come along on Thursday 20th of November at 8pm. I can imagine it would be a lot of fun and I am pretty excited to see what the guys have to offer.

Sound like something you are interested in? Then head over to the wonderful girls at Betty&Bee's Facebook page  

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Lush are many bloggers and vloggers favourite brand, including myself. I have used Lush for years and love everything about them even down to the service you receive in store. As the colder months are kicking in I thought I would up step up my skin care game.  I first picked up the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion - I love the smell of this product, it contains almonds and orchid which just create a lovely pleasant scent for the morning. I apply this all over my face (avoiding my eyes of course) and just rise off with a warm cloth. I love face mask especially during the winter time as my skin seems to get so dry, probably down to the central heating. I couldn't decide what masks to go for so decided on two Love Lettuce (an exfoliating face mask_ & The Sacred Truth which seem to be keeping my skin in good condition (helps enhance your complexion) 

Do you recommend I try any other skincare from Lush?

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Monday, 27 October 2014


A little different post today but I thought it might help a lot of you who could be studying at college or uni too. If you've followed my blog for a while then you may be aware of my current academic situation I'm currently studying HND Retail Management we study many subjects related to retail not just management like most people presume. Anyway I am in my final year at college and can now apply for 3rd year entry at university. Now university was something that I never really considered however I have actually enjoyed my time at college and would definitely encourage anyone who is a little unsure about university to apply for a college course first. With the final year in college comes the endless amounts of reports, presentations and assessments as well as the graded unit. I thought I'd share with you some tips to survive college or university.

1. Attendance - As tempting as an extra hour in bed might seem I can't stress how important in is to attend your lectures. My college do put all notes on the our website however attending class gives a little more knowledge for reports etc. My attendance in school was basically the opposite which resulted in pretty poor grades so it definitely helps

2. Organising - Most students balance a part time job and education so organising your time is very important. I work an average of 16 hours a week and can usually guarantee a day off a week. This is where I set aside all my college work to do and also plan a few blog posts. I'm starting an internship/work placement in the next few weeks so need to set aside time for that is well, organising is key as they say.

3. Get yourself a diary - We would get a diary in school and I would use it for a week then it would stay in the bottom of my bag for the rest of the year but this year I made sure I invested in a diary to keep track of my college deadlines and my shifts in work too and it is so helpful to keep me of track.

4. Stationary - I love stationary and I can't help but buy cute pens and notepads for starting the college year. Buying yourself some folders and highlighters too are also really helpful to keep your work organised and obviously all pretty looking, yeah I do considered that very important haha.

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