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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Spring/summer is slowing approaching us which means putting away our  wooly jumpers finally!
Usually I am not a huge fan of all the clothes that shops tend to bring out over the hotter months although one style that I think will be on trend this summer are pineapples. (I may stress that I am NOT talking about the dance wear that you wore when you were six, that's what my mum thought) I am talking about the fruit. I first seen the trend floating around Topshop on a pair of socks which I couldn't resist and had to buy a pair, ever since then they are popping up everywhere! Here are another few ideas of how you can bring the pineapple trend into your wardrobe this season.

(Earphones, Top & Pants - New Look
Bag - Topshop
Phonecase and Necklace - ASOS) 

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Please excuse another post on shoes but I had to post about these. I was up my local shopping centre a few weeks ago and went into International. I am not too sure if they have stores all over the UK but they have them in Scotland and North East of England but they have gone into recession so me and my mum decided to have a look around. International is definitely not a shop I never shop in, it's not my style at all but I was looking at the shoe section and came across these.  They are honestly my ideal trainers they are so comfy. I basically wear them with most outfits; I love them with my leather Zara trousers, a plain top and my pink coat and also by denim mom jeans I am so glad I have them in my wardrobe as they are just perfect to wear going to college or even shopping. I love them so much I even went back and bought myself another pair. 

Internationale (Similar pair here