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Monday, 5 May 2014


Just a quick post of what I have picked up over the last few weeks. My favourite item has to be the FLORAL RIVER ISLAND SHIRT. I seen this in my local River Island recently and had to try it on. I don't know why I love it so much, I think it looks like something AA would sell and it is perfect for wanting to make an effort but not too much, if you get me.(Although it does kind of remind me of an uniform you would wear in an Australian cafe haha.) The next item I picked up was a few weeks back which were the H&M BLACK LEATHER SHORTS  I still love the sports luxe trend that was hugely popular last year and seen these in passing a while ago but couldn't stop thinking about them so went back and picked them up. The wee bargain item I snapped up were from River Island I never thought I would be buying myself pink boots, I am totally not a pink wearing kind of person but I seen these on the River Island website ages ago for £45 but didn't want to spend that much on an item that I could only wear with certain clothes so I was so happy to find them in the sale for £15. Sadly no link but definitely try in store, you might be lucky!

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Untitled #1


I am just in my house today catching up on some college work, drinking tea and watching Ugly Betty on Netflix. As the weather is slightly picking up now I have been looking at a few things I would like to have in my wardrobe for Spring/Summer.

New Look Sandals - I bought a pair from Primark a few months ago which I wore for the first time this week and got a few compliments on them. A girl in American Apparel thought they were from Office so I really want to get another chunky sandal for this season. I saw these in New Look for around £25. I have no problem with New Look shoes and find them really comfy so I am hoping to snap these up in the next couple of weeks.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - I always see the advertisement for these when watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and have wanted one for ages. I never seem to print pictures nowadays as I just tend to upload them to computer from my phone. I do tend to take a lot of pictures I would be absolutely gutted if I lost them all if my computer broke. All the old technically is coming back into fashion and how cool would it be to take an OOTD with a Polaroid camera, so Clueless! It's perfect for Summer to take pictures on holiday and days out etc.

Topshop Shirt - I have been on the hunt for a shirt like this for ages, a little boring but I am still loving the simple and casual style right now. You could style this in so many different ways and would look great tied round your waist. I would definitely size up in these shirts as I think they look a lot better.

Fjällräven backpack - I have seen a few styles of these bags going around for a while now. I am not too familiar with the brand I think they are an outdoor brand from Sweden but I am not too sure. Anyway I really like the bags. I really like the black as I mostly wear black but I did see a picture on Tumblr of a lilac one and it look amazing so I don't know what to do now haha. I am finding them better expensive though so if anyone knows where I can get them a little cheaper let me know it in comments.

Monday, 28 April 2014


Coat - New Look
Top - Topshop
Jeans - Zara years ago (Similar here)
Trainers - Internationale (Similar here)
Casio - Various styles from Amazon
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
Sunglasses - F21  
Bag - Topshop. Not on website but still available in store, wouldn't recommend though quality is shocking. 

I really hope to include more outfit of the days on here. I usually use my iPhone to take pictures for my blog so it's a mirror selfie for now till I find a more suitable location. I don't know about anyone else but I find it so awkward asking someone to take my picture. The lighting isn't perfect I am trying so please bare with.   I was just at college today so its pretty casual. I had an accounts assessment today and passed first time, yey!

P.S - Please excuse the title post but I thought it was fitting, the song is awful though.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Spring/summer is slowing approaching us which means putting away our  wooly jumpers finally!
Usually I am not a huge fan of all the clothes that shops tend to bring out over the hotter months although one style that I think will be on trend this summer are pineapples. (I may stress that I am NOT talking about the dance wear that you wore when you were six, that's what my mum thought) I am talking about the fruit. I first seen the trend floating around Topshop on a pair of socks which I couldn't resist and had to buy a pair, ever since then they are popping up everywhere! Here are another few ideas of how you can bring the pineapple trend into your wardrobe this season.

(Earphones, Top & Pants - New Look
Bag - Topshop
Phonecase and Necklace - ASOS) 

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Please excuse another post on shoes but I had to post about these. I was up my local shopping centre a few weeks ago and went into International. I am not too sure if they have stores all over the UK but they have them in Scotland and North East of England but they have gone into recession so me and my mum decided to have a look around. International is definitely not a shop I never shop in, it's not my style at all but I was looking at the shoe section and came across these.  They are honestly my ideal trainers they are so comfy. I basically wear them with most outfits; I love them with my leather Zara trousers, a plain top and my pink coat and also by denim mom jeans I am so glad I have them in my wardrobe as they are just perfect to wear going to college or even shopping. I love them so much I even went back and bought myself another pair. 

Internationale (Similar pair here

Friday, 7 February 2014


♡  I love Vivienne Westwood jewellery - I got my first necklace for my birthday last year and wear it most days. I was having a browse on the website and found this one and fell in love. Now I'm usually not a pearl type of person, can anyone remember those hideous ones in Primark? Yeah they were awful! Obviously this one is far better quality. You could style the necklace with various necklaces together or simply just the one necklace.

♡ I've seen these shoes in a few shops recently and really like them. I'm always up for a leopard print so they are perfect. These types of shoes are not usually my style but I think they would look great with a pair of mom jeans and a pastel coat.

♡ I first seen this type of dress in Zara I even tried one on but I really didn't like it, the material - it was that typical Zara material that they seem to always have. I was having a look in New Look and seen this when I was walking out I went back a few days later and it wasn't there and it's on an online exclusive now. I think I might order it though. I know it looks like something you would wear to bed but I think if you style it probably then it can look really nice.

♡ Finally on my list is this lovely ring I spotted in Topshop. I don't know why but my style is definitely changing I am liking pink nowadays - well baby pink. I just really like this one for some reason and would look really nice with some plain gold bands and maybe even some midi ones.

What have you got your eye on this month? 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Mallzee - Making Shopping Social

Everyone is shopping online now aren't they? There is nothing better than sitting down after a busy day and ordering a few things you've been lusting over for a couple of weeks.  One website that has took the usual click and buy idea to the next level is Mallzee.

Mallzee is a recently launched website set up by Cally Russell the site aims to offer a perfect online experience. The general idea of the website is making your experience personal. You start by setting up your boutique which can be set up through your Facebook account you then select your favourite brands and stores Mallzee will even find items suited to your own personal taste. Mallzee have various brands online ranging from ASOS to Urban Outfitters.

Another amazing feature of the website is that you can shop with your friends, your friends can browse what you've added to your wardrobe; basically they can tell you if you're making a complete fashion disaster.

Overall Mallzee is a fantastic website and something that has so much potential to grow in the fashion market and its also a website I will be using regularly to fulfil my fashion fix.

Check out their website here and you can even give them a follow on Twitter here 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Nightwalk SS13

The Arches opened its doors on Tuesday night to all the Scottish fashionistas once again for the return of Nightwalk and I was lucky enough to be backstage as a dresser at Glasgow's biggest fashion show event. 

Founder of Nightwalk Angie Koorbanally aims to promote Scottish talent from designers to models which I love and it was one of the first things that attached me to Nightwalk, as a fashion student I totally understand the difficulty of getting your name 'out there' as Scotland is sometimes overlooked as a place that has fashion potential.  

The designers this year were absolutely amazing they certainly proved that Scotland has fashion talent,  I was luckily enough to see Obscure Couture' latest collection which was incredible, if you love fairytale then it's totally up your street. As well as the Obscure Couture girls there were Allenomis, Angela Beaumont, Anna Antczak Corsets, Blunt Collection, Catriona Macallister, Claudette, Curiouscope, Danni McWilliams, Maggie Mowbray Millinery, NLM Design, Off With Her Head Millinery, Pschomoda, Red Carpet Dresses, Spencer Clothing and Vanilla Ink showing their latest collections on the runway. I couldn't see the show itself as I was backstage but after seeing the pictures it looked so good. The music was excellent too, it's amazing that Angie still finds time to DJ on stage as well as organise the actual show. 

A huge well done to Angie, her assistant Cara and all the other people who made Nightwalk happen. I had a great night and loved been part of the backstage madness. I would definitely recommend getting involved at the next one. You get to meet lovely talented designers and models and it also looks great on your CV as Nightwalk is the biggest fashion event in Glasgow now since The Scottish Fashion Awards are moving to a different city. 


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

#1 - Scotland Has Talent

With the likes of Christopher Kane and Louise Gray; who recently had a collection at Topshop the talented Scottish bunch are showing the fashion world that us Scots have an eye & talent for fashion.  I thought it would be a good idea to do a few posts in the next few weeks showing some up and coming Scottish designers. As a fashion lover and Scottish girl I am always online looking at Scottish designers. They are so many talented fashion designers in Scotland with incredible creatively and talent that deserve to be recognised. 

One designer I absolutely love is Obscure Couture: Set up by two girls who studied at Herriot Watt, Jenn Coyle and Lyndsay Pagan certainly have an amazing talent. They were nominees for Scottish Young Designers of the Year at Scottish Fashion Awards for the second year running. Their autumn 2012 collection - The Lithium Party was shown at London Fashion Week and they also had a fashion film made about the collection. I definitely recommend you check it out. I love all their collections and the great thing about Obscure Couture is that they offer two collection each season. The couture collection, which contains some fantastic pieces and will make all your friends jealous. They also have their ready to wear range which is more accessible and can be worn everyday but still maintaing that Obscure Couture edge. Both girls have made an amazing start in the fashion world and have been snapped up by the top London stylists  celebrities like Amelia Lily and gorgeous Little Mix girls have worn their designs. Their clothing is available at ASOS MARKETPLACE 

The talented girls themselves 

Latest collection SS13 - Fake Believe

Latest collection SS13 - Fake Believe

The girls will be showing their latest collection @ the Nightwalk SS2013 fashion show in Glasgow on the 30th of April which I am luckily enough to be helping out that. I am so excited to see the 
designs and meet the girls.